Freelance Editing Services

As my schedule allows, I take freelance editing clients for clean reads or Christian fiction. Having worked on both sides of the author-editor relationship, I understand the need for clear, timely, respectful communication.


~Acquisitions & Editorial Liaison, Wild Heart Books

-Managing and General Editor, Heritage Beacon Fiction and Smitten Historical Romance, 3 years

~ Journalism major with a minor in history

~ Pen Institute editing graduate

~ Author of a dozen traditionally published novels and several novellas

Editing Services

I most often work with freelance clients seeking a full, substantive edit. What does that entail? Here are the things I look for and mark:

· Punctuation according to CMOS

· Spelling and hyphenation according to Merriam-Webster

· Plot pacing to start with engaging action, avoid sagging parts, and include hooks at the end of each section and chapter; rearranging of text as needed

· Creative rather than repetitive/stagnant action beats over an abundance of speaker tags, and balanced among dialogue

· Active voice preferred over passive voice

· Showing preferred over telling

· Deep point of view preferred over narrative point of view

· Words and phrases that are repeated too close together; missing or reversed words

· Accidental changes of facts, names, and descriptors

· Plot holes – something that is mentioned but never resolved, or isn’t believable to the reader

· Natural and logical flow for conversation and plot

· Points of confusion, distraction, or offense for the reader

· Historical accuracy in language, inventions, and culture

· A balanced mix of setting and description with dialogue and action

**Substantive edits are done on a per-word basis. At times, I take line edits on a lower per-word basis or hourly clients whose work requires more of a moderate proofread with only some editing comments included. Hourly second-round pricing options also available.**


The first time one of Denise Weimer’s manuscripts came across my desk, I knew she was someone who possessed a strong sense of story as well as a firm understanding of the fundamentals of writing. I quickly recruited her to help edit the novels my historical fiction line was producing. As an editor, Denise’s work was thorough and her suggestions for improvement spot-on, while all deadlines were met on time. I could feel good knowing that any manuscript I entrusted to her would come back with a professional polish. On top of that, she is a delightful person and a joy to work with. I highly recommend her! - Ann Tatlock, Christy Award-winning author, founder and former managing editor of Heritage Beacon Historical Fiction

Denise Weimer is the best editor I’ve ever had. As someone who’s been the editorial director for twelve publications of a major ministry and hired a dozen or more editors over the years, that’s saying something! She’s thorough, kind, and has helped me hone my work and learn how to grow through my weaknesses without judgment. I can’t say enough good about her, so if you need a cracker jack, professional editor, Denise should be your pick! – Susan G Mathis, Author of The Thousand Islands Series

Denise Weimer offers a thorough, detailed edit, easy to follow with comments and suggestions. Our back-and-forth throughout the process was always courteous and motivating. My first manuscript edited with her landed me a contract with an agent immediately, and another edited manuscript is under review. I’m hooked! – Donnie Stevens, four-time client

As an author, I loved working with Denise! Not only did she prove herself knowledgeable, efficient, and encouraging as an editor, but she answered all my questions, promptly replied to emails, and went above and beyond to help me make connections in the industry. As an author herself, Denise understands the angst that can sometimes accompany the editing/publishing process. I gladly recommend her. – Terrie Todd, multi-published, award-winning author

Denise Weimer has been my editor for my Georgia Magnolias Series. She makes me stretch my writing skills. I loved how the first novel turned out—my words, my voice, but so much better. With subsequent books, I eagerly looked forward to her suggestions. I recommend her highly as an editor. - Ane Mulligan, multi-published, bestselling author

I’ve had the privilege of working with Denise for two novels and was so impressed with her insight. She caught plot holes, suggested smoother scene transitions, and possessed an all-around eye for what was needed to strengthen my stories. – Rachel Scott McDaniel, award-winning author

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