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I write historical and contemporary romance and romantic suspense mostly set in my home state of Georgia. I've authored around fifteen traditionally published novels and a number of novellas.  A freelance fiction editor and a mother of two wonderful young adult daughters, I always pause for coffee, chocolate, and old houses. ~Denise

New releases for 2024:

  • Scouts of the Georgia Frontier Series with Wild Heart Books:

    • A Cherished Betrothal (January 2024) - Fort Charlotte, 1775

    • A Conflicted Betrothal (June 2024) - Savannah, 1765

    • A Calculated Betrothal (November 2024) - Fort Howe, 1777

  • When Hope Sank (May 2024), a novel of the Day to Remember Series with Barbour Publishing - Arkansas, 1865

  • A Summer at the Niagara of the South, novella 8 in Romance at the Gilded Age Resorts Series (July 2024) - Tallulah Falls, 1886

May 1, 2024 …

When Hope Sank

Book Three of Barbour’s Day to Remember Series

The Civil War has taken everything from Lily Livingston--her parents, her twin brother, her home. Now she works at her uncle's inn and keeps her head down. Speaking up for her beliefs proved too costly in a part of Arkansas split by conflicting loyalties and overrun by spies and bushwhackers.

Emaciated in body but resilient in spirit, Lieutenant Cade Palmer is crowded onto the Sultana with other paroled Andersonville and Cahaba POWs for the journey north. But a fiery explosion on April 27, 1865, rends the steamer and empties two thousand men into the frigid Mississippi River.

Recovering from wounds that might end his career as a surgeon but clinging to his faith, Cade threatens both Lily's defenses and her heart. How can she tell him she might've prevented the tragedy if only she'd reported a suspected saboteur's claims? And when the man returns to town and encoded messages pass through the hotel, will Lily follow her convictions to prevent another tragedy?

June 11, 2024 …

A Conflicted Betrothal

Book Four of the Scouts of the Georgia Frontier

Ansel Anderson thrives on the independent life of a King’s Ranger, serving the forts between Augusta and Savannah that guard Georgia’s boundary. But as a second son, he needs his own land grant to settle his future and his family knows just the way to secure it—through the favor of a member of the Governor’s Council, Judge Bazel Scott. What better way to win that favor than through the hand of Scott’s daughter in marriage? But gaining Miss Scott’s trust proves more of a challenge than anticipated when she acts as though she doesn’t recognize him from their chance meeting at a tavern known to host those disillusioned with the royal government. Equally disconcerting is the fact that Ansel finds the arguments of the newly formed Liberty Boys increasingly convincing.

As drawn to the enigmatic Ansel Anderson as Temperance Scott might be, he’d be more of a match for her feisty twin sister—who is all too happy to oblige. Not only would timid, nearsighted Temperance make a poor wife for a man trained for life on the frontier, but anyone she allows close to her must share her secret patriot ideals.

When Savannah erupts into riots and intrigue following the passage of the Stamp Act, Ansel is tasked with identifying a spy passing sensitive information to the Liberty Boys and the author of anonymous letters threatening those loyal to the governor. And as suspicions focus on the Scotts, which is he prepared to sacrifice—love or loyalty?

June 28, 2024 … A Summer at the Niagara of the South

Book Eight of the Romance at the Gilded Age Resorts Series

She came to the resort to heal her voice, only to discover her heart needed healing more.

Breaking under the stress of being a rising star, opera singer Grace Galveston travels to Tallulah Falls in search of reprieve. With its multiple waterfalls, spectacular gorge and mountain scenery, and lavish resorts, "The Niagara of the South," seems the perfect place to do just that. Even amid the crowds and excitement of an aerialist’s attempt to cross the gorge, Grace hopes to find peace.

Daniel Monroe basks in that peace as minister of a local church. He’s the perfect tour guide for Grace during her visit—until his heart gets entangled with the red-haired beauty with an angel’s voice. The trip sheds light on the secret pain in Grace’s heart. And does she even share the faith that’s so vital to his ministry? Can the blessing of friendship and the possibility of love guide her toward healing, or will the call of her life back in New York mean even greater heartbreak?

November 12, 2024 …

A Calculated Betrothal

Book Five of The Scouts of the Georgia Frontier

A Patriot scout, a Loyalist widow, and a desperate fight to save what matters most.

The death of her titled husband means that not only is Tabitha Gage no longer a lady—but she’s also abandoned on an isolated South Georgia plantation on the eve of revolution. With the fine house and fields sold to a neighbor, she’s left with a log cabin on unsettled timber land. Rather than marry the neighbor’s son, Tabitha determines to make her own way—and never again be shackled to a man she doesn’t love.

Sergeant Edmond Lassiter is one assignment away from promotion when he comes to the aid of a red-haired beauty fending off cattle rustlers. Thrown together during an attack at a nearby fort, the Patriot scout and Loyalist widow are surprised by the values they share—including honesty, loyalty, and equality. When Edmond learns the same man who ruined his family is after what little Tabitha has left, he convinces her they should work together to make her land profitable—all while fighting off the British from East Florida and her greedy neighbor, who sabotages their every effort to succeed. Their work together will be a business arrangement…nothing more. But as a British invasion threatens, the truth soon becomes clear—continuing the connection between them will risk far more than their hearts.

2024 Book Signings

  • March 16 - 10-4, History Day - Willington Bookshop, McCormick, SC

  • March 20-23 - Blue Lake Christian Writers' Conference, Andalusia, AL

  • April 6 - 10-5, Fort Yargo Market Faire, Winder, GA

  • May 18 - Mountain Laurel Festival, Clarkesville, GA

  • June 25, 12 noon - Basics of Story Structure for Mountain Writers, Clarkesville Library

  • June 29, 3:30 PM - Colonial Tea at Downtown Market, Royston, GA

  • July 13, 9-11 AM - Mornings at Mauldin history and book chat, Mauldin House, Clarkesville, GA

  • July 23, 12 noon - Writing in Deep Point of View for Mountain Writers, Clarkesville Library

  • August 25, 3 PM - Basics of Story Structure for Forsyth Writes, Sharon Forks Library, Cumming, GA

  • August 27 - Chimney Oaks and Homer Book Club, Homer, GA

  • August 31 - book table at Timeline Ball, Greenville, SC

  • September 14, 9-4, Dahlonega Lit Fest Book Fair, Dahlonega, GA

  • September 21, Hurricane Shoals Art in the Park and living history, Maysville, GA

  • October 5, History Harvest, Clarkesville, GA

  • October 16 - Turning Historical Research into Fiction, Colonial Dames of America, Georgia Piedmont Chapter, William Harris Homestead

  • October 26, Mountain Farm Celebration at Hardman Farm, Sautee, GA

  • November 9-10, Battle of Camden, Camden, SC

  • November 16, 10-2 - Settlement Day at William Harris Homestead, Monroe, GA

From the Revolutionary War through the present day, from the mountains to the coast, your Georgia adventure awaits.

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