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I write historical and contemporary romance and romantic suspense mostly set in my home state of Georgia. I've authored a dozen traditionally published novels and a number of novellas.  A freelance fiction editor, wife, and a mother of two daughters, I always pause for coffee, chocolate, and old houses. ~Denise

New projects for 2023 and 2024:

  • Scouts of the Georgia Frontier Series with Wild Heart Books:

    • A Counterfeit Betrothal (September 2023) - Fort Daniel, 1814

    • A Courageous Betrothal (November 2023) - Wilkes County, 1779

    • A Cherished Betrothal (January 2024) - Fort Charlotte, 1775

    • A Conflicted Betrothal (Summer 2023) - Savannah, 1765

  • The Day the Steamboat Sank (May 2024), a novel of the Disastrous Days Series with Barbour Publishing - Arkansas, 1865

New in January 2023 ~ A Winter at the White Queen

In the world of the wealthy, things are never quite as they appear.

Ellie Hastings is tired of playing social gatekeeper—and poor-relation companion—to her Gibson Girl of a cousin. But her aunt insists Ellie lift her nose out of her detective novel long enough to help gauge the eligibility of bachelors during the winter social season at Florida’s Hotel Belleview. She finds plenty that’s mysterious about the suave, aloof Philadelphia inventor, Lewis Thornton. Why does he keep sneaking around the hotel? Does he have a secret sweetheart? And what is his connection to the evasive Mr. Gaspachi, slated to perform at Washington’s Birthday Ball?

Ellie’s comical sleuthing ought to put Lewis out, but the diffident way her family treats her smashes a hole in his normal reserve. When Florence Hastings’s diamond necklace goes missing, Ellie’s keen mind threatens to uncover not only Lewis’s secrets, but give him back hope for love.

From the Revolutionary War through the present day, from the mountains to the coast, your Georgia adventure awaits.

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For book business. With an option to make books available, I speak to clubs in North Georgia and North Atlanta on the writing and publishing process, turning historical research into fiction, and topics for emerging authors.

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